what does Quetiapine look like Black & White Fragments

The works in this series are based around two main concerns, photography and words/language. Conventional use of words/language and photography have long been an area of frustration. I tend to find my inspiration and work in areas I find problematic, a sort of love/hate relationship.

“Words tend to be inadequate.” – Jenny Holzer

An early influence of mine, Julian Jaynes (in his book “The Origin of Consciousness) suggested that language existed before consciousness AND is required for consciousness. True or not, language IS essential to the very way we think, on levels both conscious and unconscious. And I love to explore ways of working with words and language that are visual and not literal.

I also want use text in a way that is integral and essential to the work. I find words to be fascinating and yet very inadequate. They have a magical quality and work on us in ways that are unknown. And yet, I am not looking for how language is built up, I am more interested in language as it breaks down. For therein we find much more about language, meaning, and how our minds work.

John Sousa