buy propecia safely online order accutane now Small Collage Fragments

My intention with this series is to be more playful. Admittedly, because of my nature, I still labor over them. Yet, I do use their small size to more freely explore my interests in the formal qualities of language and photography, in a wide variety of forms. An additional benefit of their small scale is that I can work with almost any technique without the cost becoming prohibitive.

It’s hard to date my Small Collage Fragments. I’ve been working on them on and off for many years and expect to continue working on them for a long time to come. I’ll work on a piece; look at it for days, months, and occasionally even years. Then, suddenly, make another move.

An overriding obsession with this series is my interest in exploring the full range of photographic techniques. In these works, I use conventional photography, photo mechanical transfers, film positives, photo-copies, Kodaliths, photo silk screen, photo emulsion; pretty much any photographic process I can think of. I seem to have a need to tear the various photographic media apart, as a way of exploring the strengths, weaknesses, and formal qualities inherent in photography.


John Sousa